Unable to write and download multiple csv files in Shiny app

Hello. First post in the forum, and new to Shiny. I am trying to to write multiple csv files of processed data, which was processed in the Shiny app, and zip them up to download. I have been struggling for about two weeks! I have tried with and without downloadHandler. I am only able to write and download one file at a time. Could anyone help?
Note: The original uploaded data is in list s, and there are two types of data you can download (stored in datasetInput).
Thank you!

 output$downloadZip <- downloadHandler(
    filename = function(){
    content = function(con){
    tmpdir <- tempdir()
      for (i in 1:length(s)){
  	 f<-(paste("maldiprocres", names(s)[[i]], sep="_" ))
  	zip(zipfile=con, files=filestosave)
     contentType = "application/zip"

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