Unable to wget RStudio and download

When I follow the steps on installing RStudio on Linux server online /rstudio>download-server>webpage

I see the following errors

> wget https://download2.rstudio.org/rstudio-server-1.1.442-amd64.deb > --2018-04-10 19:14:29--
Resolving download2.rstudio.org (download2.rstudio.org)...,,, ...
Connecting to ||:443... connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 200 OK
Length: 54358588 (52M) [application/x-deb]
rstudio-server-1.1.442-i386.deb: Permission denied

Cannot write to ‘rstudio-server-1.1.442-i386.deb’ (Success).


Do you have write permissions to the folder that you're downloading the file in?


Yes, I didnt have permissions in /opt (lame). thanks for pointing that out

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