Unable to use tmap_animation()

Hi, so I'm following the chapters from Geocomputation with R by Robin Lovelace, Jakub Nowosad, Jannes Muenchow

I working on the animated map from chapter 8

urb_anim = tm_shape(world) + tm_polygons() +
tm_shape(urban_agglomerations) + tm_dots(size = "population_millions") +
tm_facets(along = "year", free.coords = FALSE)

tmap_animation(urb_anim, filename = "urb_anim.gif", delay = 25)

Error message as follow

Error in CPL_transform(x, crs, aoi, pipeline, reverse) :
OGRCreateCoordinateTransformation() returned NULL: PROJ available?
In addition: Warning message:
In CPL_transform(x, crs, aoi, pipeline, reverse) :
GDAL Error 1: No PROJ.4 translation for source SRS, coordinate transformation initialization has failed.

I already install PROJ7 through the terminal, so does this error meant that my R still identify with older version PROJ? and how do I solve this?


I finally solve this issue by installing R through home brew in terminal.
I think the issue was because when I first install R I use CRAN install package and then home brew install gdal which R end up not picking up the right path of the updated GDAL.

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Thanks for the tips man, I didn't know you could mark a solution!

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