Unable to use rmarkdown dur to non-english system


I am using R 4.1.1, in Windows 10. While after I installed RMarkdwon through install.packages("rmarkdown" dependencies = TRUE) many times, I still cannot create a Rmd file. As messages suggesting update markdown package would pop up.

. After I clicked 'Yes', error always occurred.

I suppose it is because I am not using an English system. I'm wondering if there's anything I can do to make it work?
I used to be able to work with markdown, but after I updated R, all of a sudden, I cannot now. I would really appreciate any help.

I have viewed similar topics, but did not get an answer to make it work. So, please give me some suggestions. Thank you in advance.

That is a weird issue indeed. What is your user accound name which is seen as ??? by the R code ?

Thanks for replying. My account name is in Chinese (张欣和). I guess that's why.

It is highly possible yes. Windows is not UTF8 by default so it must be a encoding issue somewhere.

From the error you see, this is from RStudio IDE directly.

We can check if only rstudio has the issue:

  • install.packages("rmarkdown" dependencies = TRUE)
  • install.packages("markdown" dependencies = TRUE) which is missing
  • Then try rendering a rmarkdown file :
    • Using RStudio IDE
    • Without RStudio IDE inside R console directly

I think this would help see where the issue is

Thank you very much !! I tried to install "markdown" in R without IDE, and then successfully opened up an RMarkdown file. Thank you so very much!!

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Let's hope the other thing with the IDE will work.
If not, I guess it worth reporthing so that the IDE better support your OS and locale

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