Unable to sign into RStudio Server

Hi all,

I had downloaded RStudio server onto my raspberry pi 4b+ (2gb) and it had stopped letting me log in all of a sudden.

As I was trying to log into the server with my credentials, it would keep saying that "credentials are invalid". I made sure to ssh into my pi and the credentials I was using was definitely correct. I kept entering it into the server's site but now it is presenting me with these errors: https://snipboard.io/ukmjtY... and https://snipboard.io/XuwBn4...

I've tried several things like rstudio-server restart and even killing all the sessions and force-suspend-all. Here is the output when I do rstudio-server verify-installation:

02 Apr 2021 19:52:05 [rserver] ERROR database error 7 (sqlite3_statement_backend::loadOne: attempt to write a readonly database) [description: Could not delete expired revoked cookies from the database, description: Could not read revoked cookies from the database]; OCCURRED AT virtual rstudio::core::Error rstudio::core::database::Connection::execute(rstudio::core::database::Query&, bool*) src/cpp/core/Database.cpp:480; LOGGED FROM: int main(int, char* const*) src/cpp/server/ServerMain.cpp:729

I've also read one of the posts about this issue and I noticed that I do not have an .rstudio directory anywhere in my home directory so I can't do mv ~/.rstudio ~/.rstudio-old. Could that be the issue?

It's also strange because I have a script running hourly automatically using cronR and it is still giving me the log updates for every hour it runs.. So something is working on the back end!

If nothing works, does it look like I have to re-do the installation process again?

Thank you all in advance!!

Have you also tried with these other folders? also be aware that any .folder is hidden by default so you might not see it if you simply use ls.

Location When deleted
~/.config/rstudio/ All user settings (Global Options) lost
~/.local/share/rstudio/ All open files and tabs lost
~/.rstudio/ All active and suspended sessions deleted

R scripts executed by cron jobs do not require RStudio to be running, they only need R to be running so this is not related.

Hi Andres, always happy to get assistance from you!

Yes, I've tried it with those folders but that didn't do the trick. Apparently it was some sort of permissions issues in my home directories.. I have no idea what happened with that but this forum helped resolve my issue! r - Rstudio-server unable to connect to service - Stack Overflow

I simply thought doing rstudio-server reset would do the trick but after rebooting the Pi itself, it seemed to work perfectly! I will be marking this issue as resolved :raised_hands:

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