Unable to send email. Please contact your RStudio Connect administrator.

I have opted for 45 days evaluation version of Rconnect, where I want to configure E-Mail setting.

I receive an error "Unable to send email. Please contact your RStudio Connect administrator."

PC: I have followed the Rconnect Admin documentation steps

please help in sending emails from Rconnect.


SenderEmail = XXXXXXX@gmail.com
EmailTo = XXXXXXX@gmail.com
EmailProvider = SMTP
EmailSubjectPrefix = Rstudio
ViewerKiosk = false
HideEmailAddresses = false
MailAll = false

Host = smtp.gmail.com
Port = 587
SSL = false
User = XXXXXXX@gmail.com

Hello! Thanks for reaching out! Even though you are during the evaluation period for Connect, you actually have access to our professional support team! If you want to shoot us a support ticket at support@rstudio.com , we can help through that avenue!

Note that when you are setting up email delivery, it is common to set it up through something other than a gmail address (enterprise SMTP server, mail sending service, etc.). In any case, if you can share the log file from /var/log/rstudio-connect.log, that may provide some helpful insight on why this is not working!

Looking through the article here, I suspect that SSL will be required to get this working, if you do want to go ahead with using gmail to route messages: https://www.lifewire.com/what-are-the-gmail-smtp-settings-1170854

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