Unable to save in remote directory after update to 12.0, Build 353

Due to the confidential nature of the data I am currently working with, I tend to save .Rproj (R project), .R (R script) and .RData (Workspace) files in remote folders established in my office. In previous versions, all files and be saved, renamed and moved without a fuzz.

However, I encountered 2 problems saving files when RStudio were updated to 12.0, Build 353.

  1. When I create a new R Script (.R file) and trying to save it into my working directory. There is a pop-up showing
    "Error saving /172.xx.xx.xx/.../.../.../Untiltled1.R: cannot find internet directory"
    in Chinese (the language of my OS), which I roughly translated.
    Image link: https://imgur.com/a/aivRR4n

  2. When I try to save my current workspace in remote directory, there is a list of error message.

save.image("/172.xx.x.xx/Temp/.../.../.../R_Env/Env workspace.RData")
Error in gzfile(file, "wb") : cannot open the connection
In addition: Warning message:
In gzfile(file, "wb") :
cannot open compressed file '/172.xx.x.xx/.../.../.../.../R_Env/Env workspace.RDataTmp', probable reason 'No such file or directory'
Warning message:
In file.remove(outfile) :
cannot remove file '/172.xx.x.xx/.../.../.../.../R_Env/Env workspace.RDataTmp', reason 'No such file or directory'

My current way to circumvent the error is to save the files in local folder (i.e. Desktop) and move them back to the remote folder I am working. Strangely, the older R Scripts which previously created in the remote folder can still be saved by Pressing "Save all" button but not newer files.

My current working environment:
OS: Windows 10, Home edition, 21H2, OS Build 19044.2364.
RStudio: 12.0, Build 353
R: R 4.2.2

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