Unable to Recover to a network location or mapped drive

I am using the windows version of R-Studio (8.8.171971) to recover my RAID5 array. So far everything works fine until I try to Recover the data to a mapped drive or network location.

When I provide a Network location in the recover dialog i get the error "Path contains invalid symbols. Please enter a valid path."

I tried to get around this by mapping the drive in windows explorer however it does not appear in the Output Folder dialog (not visible) and when I enter the path manually it throws "z:\ Folder doesn't exist. Would you like to create it".

I would hate to have to dump the data incrementally to a local drive and then network copy 5.4TB. Is there any reason the application is preventing this behaviour?

Hi! I’m afraid you’re in the wrong place — the “RStudio” in this forum’s name refers to the software company that builds tools for the R statistical programming language.

The forums for the R-Studio data recovery software are here: https://forum.r-tt.com/viewforum.php?f=13