Unable to read data from AWS S3 bucket

I am trying to read a csv from AWS S3 bucket. Its the same file which I was able to write to the bucket.When I read it I get an error. Below is the code for reading the csv:

s3BucketName <- "pathtobucket"
Sys.setenv("AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID" = "aaaa",
           "AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY" = "vvvvv",
           "AWS_DEFAULT_REGION" = "us-east-1")


games <- aws.s3::get_object(object = "s3://path/data.csv", bucket = s3BucketName)%>%
   rawToChar() %>%

Below is the error I get

<Error><Code>NoSuchKey</Code><Message>The specified key does not exist.</Message><Key>_data.csv</Key><RequestId>222</RequestId><HostId>333=</HostId></Error>

For reference below is how I used to write the data to the bucket

s3write_using(data, FUN = write.csv, object = "data.csv", bucket = s3BucketName

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