unable to plot with autoplot in forecast from forecast or fable packages

Data is downloaded as below:
prices <- getSymbols(symbols,
src = 'yahoo',
from = "2019-04-12",
auto.assign = TRUE,
warnings = FALSE) %>%
map(~Ad(get(.))) %>%
reduce(merge) %>%

Then converted to differenced data:
p <- dailyReturn(prices$SPY, type = "log")
q <- dailyReturn(prices$IWM, type = "log")
then I am trying to do a simple auto.arima and autoplot forecast:

sp_ts <- as.ts(prices$SPY)
sp_ts %>%
forecast(h =10)%>%

Error in if (object$spec$constant) { : argument is of length zero

I am unable to solve, there is no solutions on stack overflow, the problem is with the forecast command it presents inverse AR and MA charts which are completey useless.

I can't reproduce your problem. The following works.


prices <- getSymbols("SPY",
    src = "yahoo",
    from = "2019-04-12",
    auto.assign = TRUE,
    warnings = FALSE
  ) %>%
  map(~ Ad(get(.))) %>%

sp_ts <- as.ts(prices$SPY)

sp_ts %>%
  auto.arima() %>%
  forecast(h = 10) %>%

Created on 2022-10-29 with reprex v2.0.2

Please create a reproducible example. Using the reprex package can help with this.

Thank you, your code works perfectly. It enables me to finish my work now. I am so grateful. Thank you kindly.
The purr library was missing and there was general sloppy coding. It is not worth doing an autopsy on, just strive to do better.

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