Unable to open RStudio desktop on Windows 10

I am trying to install the RStudio Daily Builds on a Windows 10 system. I can install and run all the daily builds from 2022.07.xxxx series. But when I try to install versions from 2022.10.xx series, I can install, but cannot run those versions on my system. The last version, which I can successfully install and run is 2022.07.548.
In the newer versions (of 2022.10.xx series), the desktop shorcut also doesn't work. It also asked me which R version I want to associate with the RStudio. But I have only one version of R installed on my system (R 4.2.1). So, there is no need to ask which R version to associate with RStudio.
When I open the windows task manager, I can see that RStudio process is running, along with one more process, called RStudio R Session. I don't know what's going on with this installation. How can I run this new series of RStudio work on my system?

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