"unable to open connection to X11 display" in Cloud project

I'm trying to use the summarytools package in an RStudio Cloud project, but I'm having trouble printing the dfSummary() object. I get the error:

unable to open connection to X11 display

Other folks have asked this question, but the answer seems to require some steps I can't take in an RStudio Cloud project.

Sadly, nothing depending on X11 will work in RStudio Cloud since it is a cloud service running o a remote headless server.

> library(summarytools)
Registered S3 method overwritten by 'pryr':
  method      from
  print.bytes Rcpp
system might not have X11 capabilities; in case of errors when using dfSummary(), set st_options(use.x11 = FALSE)

Would indicate that you just need to set an option.

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