Unable to navigate to Linux root folder in RStudio IDE

Hi all,
I just downloaded and upgraded to the most recent version of RStudio IDE (2022.12) from an earlier version (2022.07) under Linux Mint/Ubuntu. Now I have the problem, that the file navigator (go to folder) element containing the path is read-only and starts in my personal home folder; not allowing me to navigate to the Linux root directory (/) or other folders/drives.
Do you have the same problem and/or have and idea how to fix this?
I appreciate your help.
Best regards, Martin

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I got the same problem

This is a security feature, if you are using RStudio Server you can white list locations by adding them to the directory-view-allow-list variable in the /etc/rstudio/rsession.conf file. I don't know what is the equivalent for the desktop version though.

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