Unable to load xlsx package

I have been trying to load excel package for over a week now but I do get error.
Professional in the house should please help me to look into it

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The error you're seeing is due to the PATH to your Java executable not being found. There's a few ways you could fix it, but my suggestion would be to use a package that does not have a dependency on Java, such as openxlsx or readxl.


Thanks so much Sir...
I still faced d same issue after downloading Java ......
I had to convert the excel file to CSV file in order to be able to use it

Besides installing Java, you have to set the path in the JAVA_HOME variable, you can do it by adding this command in your Rprofile.site file (obviously you have to modify the path accordingly to the Java version you have installed)

Sys.setenv('JAVA_HOME'="C:/Program Files/Java/jdk-11.0.1/")

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