Unable to Load Rproj directories or create a New R project in sub-directories

I work on a RStudio on a VM. My Virtual Mahcine profile got upgraded recently.

After the upgrade I am unable to open my existing R projects. Every time I open a .RProj file, it instead creates a "..RProj" file in the root directory and I end up landing in the root directory. When i try to create a new project is some sub directories, it automatically creates the project in the root directory.

Can any give me some insight on how to fix this?

Can you say any more about the nature of the upgrade ?

It might be company specific and not sure if this will make sense.
I was earlier profiled in Virtual Machine set up called "LVDI2" now upgraded to "Workspace Professional"

Was there any change of Operating System ? what OS are you on now ?
Was there any change to R version, R Studio version ? what are you using now ?

The VM is on windows 10. I am using r 3.6.3, and RStudio 1.2.1335.

R an dR studio is same. So is OS.

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