Unable to load images inside html file through shiny app

I am trying to display html file through shiny app. The text part appears fine, but image does not load. The html document shows image when simply opened in a browser.

my code example:

ui <- fluidPage(
titlePanel(" "),

server <- function(input, output) {

shinyApp(ui, server)

Is documentation_raw.html a self-contained html file? In other words, if there is a folder like documentation_raw_files/ in the same folder then it is not self-contained.

A self-contained file should load the images fine, but if the resources are in a separate folder then that mgiht be causing the issue. I don't know how to fix that other than to create a self-contained html file, if that's an option (e.g. if you created the .html file in RMarkdown or Quarto).

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