Unable to launch RStudio on Ubuntu 22.04


Sorry for the simple question, but I have had some issues getting RStudio to launch on Ubuntu. I am using Ubuntu 22.04.3. I have R installed, and it is running fine. I installed RStudio as below:

sudo apt install -f /home/parallels/rstudio-2023.12.0-daily-323-arm64.deb

It seems to run fine, but no icon for RStudio is created in my applications. I also cannot run the command 'rstudio' from the command line.

When I try to reinstall RStudio, I get the message: rstudio is already the newest version (2023.12.0-daily+323).

If someone could help me to understand why I cannot properly compile and launch RStudio, I would greatly appreciate it.



just a side-note, this is a daily build, the "unstable" latest test version. It is usually recommended to use the "stable" builds from here. This is likely not the cause of your problem.

Is it a "command not found" message? Or a wrong permissions? Or something else?

If it's a command not found (and only in that case), get the .deb file that you used to install, and run

dpkg -c rstudio-2023.12.0-daily-323-arm64.deb | less

this will indicate where the content of the package are supposed to be installed. I expect you will see a lot of ./usr/lib/rstudio/... or ./usr/local/lib/rstudio/..., go to that location (without the initial .) and check if these files have been created. The binary to launch RStudio from the command line should be /usr/lib/rstudio/rstudio or similar.

Of course this is irrelevant if the problem is not "command not found".

Just a nitpick, but it could be important for your googling: the .deb is already compiled, you are only installing. Compiling RStudio is also something some people might want to do, but it's much harder.

Thank you very much for your reply. It was indeed a command not found message. I was able to find where the files were installed (/user/lib/rstudio). All of the files had been installed with restricted permissions, so I was only able to run them after using chmod to add permissions. I was then able to open RStudio!

I had to use the daily build, since when I used the last stable build I was getting dependency errors.

Thanks again!

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