Unable to launch 1.0.x 1.1.x but can open 0.99.x and 1.2.x in windows 10

Today I attempted to upgrade to RStudio 1.1.447. Everything goes well in the installation. However, when attempting to launch RStudio.exe nothing happens. No errors, no logs, no blank screen, nothing. I then proceeded with a uninstall and clean re-install of R (3.5), R-Studio, and RTools. I also reset the Desktop state and even unlinked my .RData files. Same result.

I then tried installing 0.99.903 == success.

I then went to the daily builds and grabbed 1.2.593 == success.

However, 1.0.153 and 1.1.447 both experience the same strange "fail" blank behavior. I'm really at a loss here. The only thing I can think of is maybe it's getting blocked by anti-virus (Carbon Black and McAfee), but would have to work with the infrastructure/security team (corporate environment) to explore that more deeply. OS = Windows 10.