Unable to knit .Rmd to PDF and Word - With an error message after running mapview() on RStudio Cloud


My project includes a mapview() function from mapview package.

The project (contains the Rmarkdown and other files) can be accessed here Posit Cloud. I could knit the project to HTML, pdf and word on my laptop. But the problem is, I could only knit to HTML on RStudio Cloud. If I try to knit to PDF or word, I will receive this error message.

I could trace the problem to Line 380 which is this - mapview(nc["BIR74"], col.regions = sf.colors(10)). If I remove this line or insert a hashtag at the front of the function, then I could knit to PDF and Word.

My guess is mapview() triggers the error. How could I print a map using the mapview() on PDF in RStudio Cloud. Any help is very much appreciated.


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