Unable to install Source package


It seems that I can't install any source package. The error message is always like:

cannot open file 'myin$/Documents/R/win-library/3.5/glue/doc/index.html': No such file or directory
Error in file(con, "w") : cannot open the connection

Can anyone help me on this? Thanks a lot!

Is your username myin$ ?

Yes. The folder is the Documents folder

R is notoriously bad at working with file paths involving unusual characters which I think includes $. The easiest solution I can think for you is to make a new user profile with a name using purely the alphabet.

Thank you so much. It is my company laptop so change will be difficult...should I move this folder to C:/Program Files? Will that work?

perhaps try this guide in terms of choosing another folder path

Thanks the problem get solved!

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