Unable to install rmarkdown under Windows due to failure to install tinytex

Hello kind people,

I am not sure what is happening with rmarkdown.

I am trying to use it for the first time, and I am getting an error message.
I am following the installation process outlined here.

I have installed tinytex too, as recommended.
The error message is as follows:

Even after going through the installation, package update, and restarting the session as well as my laptop, I have not been able to start markdown.

I would appreciate any help/suggestion you have.

The small part of the error message you are showing is asking you to update the xfun package


Also, you are using a very old R version so you are going to be forced to install packages from source, which requires compilation and it is much more prone to installation problems. I would strongly recommend updating your R version.

If this doesn't solve your problem, please post the complete error message you get as formatted code (screenshots are considered a bad practice here).

Thank you @andresrcs
I reinstalled the newest version of R, Rtools and RStudio and got it to work after a while.
The package "xfun" and is working fine, I still have not been able to get tinytex package to work in order to knit a Rmd file as a pdf.

Thanks for the help and I will keep in mind the good practice you mentioned.

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