Unable to install_local() with R Shiny Golem app

I am creating a Shiny app using the golem framework. I am at the last part where I am testing to see whether the app can be installed like a package by running remotes::install_local().

However, I am running into the following error:

Error: Failed to install 'XXXX' from local:
  HTTP error 404.
  Not Found

  Did you spell the repo owner (`XXXX`) and repo name (`XXXX`) correctly?
  - If spelling is correct, check that you have the required permissions to access the repo.

Here are the files that are in the project folder - I think that the structure is correct and it contains everything that it needs?:

I'm a bit confused, if I am trying to install locally, why is it requiring the repo owner and name? (It's also listing the incorrect repo too).


SO Crosspost:

Ah I found the solution.

I needed to assign a personal access token using credentials::set_github_pat() before running install_github('owner/repo') . !

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