Unable to import Hotel_Bookings Dataset to RStudio

Hello Community !
I am taking the Google Data Analytics Course. but I have serous problem to import the "hotel_booking.csv" dataset for exercices:

Here is the code I'm using :
hotel_bookings <- read_csv("hotel_bookings.csv")

And here is the output from the console :hot_face:

hotel_bookings <- read_csv("hotel_bookings.csv")
Rows: 119390 Columns: 32
Error in nchar(x, "width") : invalid multibyte string, element 1

Thank you for your support.
best regards.

Oooh I'm lucky, after reading other posts, the solution consist to insert the encoding "latin1" in the call of readr as shown here:

hotel_bookings <- read_csv("hotel_bookings1.csv", locale = readr::locale(encoding = "latin1"))

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