unable to import files in R

hello, this is my first time using R, i am trying to do a casestudy but i am unable to import my data files in R studio. i have checked all means but somehow its giving an error that this object doesn't exist.
I am using readr package with read_csv code but somehow its not picking up the link or path not from computer or kaggle, I am unable to find API command button in my kaggle as well. I dont know what i am missing. Please help

Are you using RStudio Cloud or is RStudio installed on your local computer?
Where is the data you are trying to import? Is it on your computer or are you trying to get it from the web? Please provide the complete path to the file.
What code exactly are you running to import the file?

Thank you so much for your response. I have R studio installed in my computer and i was trying to give a path for files located in my computer. I uploaded the dataset on my kaggle account to import directly from there but was unable to do so. but somehow today i did it. i kept exploring R studio and tried different options. I imported the files with readr files option. Earlier i might was trying with excel files. Thank you for your support.

HI @Maryam_Rashid, the good way to use is file.choose(), this show a window and you can seacrh the file. Next press open and the correct path in show in the console. In this way you could get the correct path in a easy form.

You can use a book like "R for Data Science" to learn how to work with R and RStudio - randomly trying things is not a good idea because once something works you will probably not know why, and you will probably not be able to do it again for another project. Not being able to load in your data is associated with the very important concept of "working directories": where R is searching for the file you want to load. R is not able to search your whole computer for a file, you also need to let it know in which folder and subfolder etc it is.
Please read this chapter from "R for Data Science" for a better understanding: R for Data Science (2e) - 6  Workflow: scripts and projects (and honestly, the complete Chapter 6 is important in knowing how R and RStudio work).

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