Unable to get Bar Chart and Sum in RpivotTable

Hi guys, I only want to have Table, Bar chart as RendererName and Sum coming up in AggregatorName. It is currently not working.
I'm attaching the picture long with codes. Please have a look. Thanks


rpivotTable(data =  mtcars, subtotal = FALSE,  rows = c( "cyl"),cols=c("carb"),
vals =  "mpg", 
aggregatorName = "Sum",
rendererName =  "Table",
renderers = list(Table= htmlwidgets::JS('$.pivotUtilities.renderers["Table"]'),
              Bar_Chart = htmlwidgets::JS('$.pivotUtilities.renderers["Bar Chart"]')),
aggregators = list(Sum = htmlwidgets::JS('$.pivotUtilities.aggregators["Sum"]')),
                     width="50%", height="550px")