Unable to deploy app to shinnyapps.io, returns "An error has occurred The application failed to start. exit status 1"

So I am trying to deploy a shiny app, and although I have recently been able to deploy it without any problem (a few weeks ago), I am getting just a page that reads this error: An error has occurred; The application failed to start. ;exit status 1

The app also works perfectly when run locally, the problem is just when trying to deploy it to shinyapps.io

In Rstudio, the output reads:
Successfully deployed to <https://tadeu-apps.shinyapps.io/bags/>

However, I still get this error.
I have looked at the logs of my application, and this is what it looks like:

I have tried removing the code relating to the "Possible missing comma at...." and the same error still appears. When I remove this part of the code, the log now looks like this, with the area in red being the part in common to both logs: