Unable to create a new directory for for my first shiny project.

Hi guys.. I'm new to R... I have shiny installed. I'm trying to create new directory called "shinydir1" as follows,;File :arrow_right:New File​:arrow_right:Shiny Web App​:arrow_right:then the following error pops up:

httpuv 1.3.3 is not available
xtable 1.7 is not available
sourcetools 0.1.5 is not available
Check that getOption("repos") refers to a CRAN repository that contains the needed package versions.
How can go about this.. Please..

What happens if you try to manually install those packages? Do you get any error messages?

install.packages(c("httpuv", "xtable", "sourcetools"), dependencies = TRUE)

Thank you, it worked

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