Unable to connect to worker after 300.00 seconds; startup took too long

I created my first app and tried to publish via shinyapps.io. It appears in my account as if it published fine, but when I click the URL, it tries to load then gives me a blank white screen that says
" An error has occurred
Unable to connect to worker after 300.00 seconds; startup took too long."
every time.

I tried looking for other related responses on here first, but can't figure out what's going wrong. The file doesn't seem too large, and the logs don't show any obvious errors, but I'm still new to all this so may be missing something simple.

Recent log:

Here is my app's code:


Census_1819_Grouped_Summarized <- readRDS("Census_1819_Grouped_Summarized.rds")

    ui = fluidPage(
        h1("Learning Specialist and Tutor Coordinator Census", style="color:#00688b"),
        h3("Data arranged by Power 5, Group of 5, and MidMajor groupings", style="color:#00688b"),
                            label = "Choose a role to display",
                            choices = list("Full Time LS", 
                                           "Full Time TC", 
                                           "Hybrid- LS/TC", 
                                           "Hybrid- LS/Advisor",
                                           "Hybrid- TC/Advisor",
                                           "Hybrid- TC/LS/Advisor",
                                           "Hybrid- LS/other",
                                           "Hybrid- TC/other",
                                           "Lead LS",
                                           "LS Grad Asst",
                                           "LS Post-Grad Intern",
                                           "Part Time LS-related roles",
                                           "Part Time TC",
                                           "Total Full Time Staff",
                                           "Total GA Staff",
                                           "Total Intern Staff" ),
                            selected = "Full Time LS")),
    server = function(input, output) {
        output$distPlot <- renderPlot({
            data <- switch (input$Role,
                            "Full Time Ls" = Census_1819_Grouped_Summarized$"Full Time LS",
                            "Full Time TC"=Census_1819_Grouped_Summarized$"Full Time TC",
                            "Hybrid- LS/TC"=Census_1819_Grouped_Summarized$"Hybrid- LS/TC",
                            "Hybrid- LS/Advisor"=Census_1819_Grouped_Summarized$"Hybrid- LS/Advisor",
                            "Hybrid- LS/other"=Census_1819_Grouped_Summarized$"Hybrid- LS/other",
                            "Hybrid- TC/Advisor"=Census_1819_Grouped_Summarized$"Hybrid- TC/Advisor",
                            "Hybrid- TC/LS/Advisor"=Census_1819_Grouped_Summarized$"Hybrid- TC/LS/Advisor",
                            "Hybrid- TC/LS/Advisor"=Census_1819_Grouped_Summarized$"Hybrid- TC/LS/Advisor",
                            "Hybrid- TC/other"=Census_1819_Grouped_Summarized$"Hybrid- TC/other",
                            "Lead LS"=Census_1819_Grouped_Summarized$"Lead LS",
                            "LS Grad Asst"=Census_1819_Grouped_Summarized$"LS Grad Asst",
                            "LS Post-Grad Intern"=Census_1819_Grouped_Summarized$"LS Post-Grad Intern",
                            "Part Time LS-related roles"=Census_1819_Grouped_Summarized$"Part Time LS-related roles",
                            "Part Time TC"=Census_1819_Grouped_Summarized$"Part Time TC",
                            "Total Full Time Staff"=Census_1819_Grouped_Summarized$"Total Full Time Staff",
                            "Total GA Staff"=Census_1819_Grouped_Summarized$"Total GA Staff",
                            "Total Intern Staff"=Census_1819_Grouped_Summarized$"Total Intern Staff")
            Group_Order <- c("Power 5", "Group of 5", "MidMajor")
            ggplot(Census_1819_Grouped_Summarized, aes(Group, Group_Averages, fill=factor(Year))) +
                geom_bar(data=subset(Census_1819_Grouped_Summarized,Roles==input$Role),stat="identity", position = "dodge") +    
                scale_y_continuous(name = "Averages") + 
                scale_x_discrete(name="Groups", limits=Group_Order) +
                scale_fill_manual("Year", values=c("2018"="deepskyblue4","2019"="darkturquoise"))})}))

It runs just fine from RStudio, but I can't get it to publish properly. Any help is appreciated!