Unable to connect to HANA DB from rstudio-server

We are using open source version of rstudio-server installed on centOS 7 and connecting to it via a web browser http://servername.domain.com:8787.
I am doing a POC to connect to SAP HANA database using ODBC from the rstudio (via web browser). I keep getting this error:

Warning messages:
1: In RODBC::odbcDriverConnect("DSN=SAP_HANA_ODBC;UID=uid=db-user;PWD=pwd=secretpwd") :
  [RODBC] ERROR: state HY000, code 10, message [unixODBC][SAP AG][LIBODBCHDB SO][HDBODBC] General error;10 authentication failed
2: In RODBC::odbcDriverConnect("DSN=SAP_HANA_ODBC;UID=uid=db-user;PWD=pwd=secretpwd") :
  ODBC connection failed

By the way this connects fine from my Rstudio desktop.
We put a trace on the HANA ODBC tier and found this:

 2020-11-20 11:16:58.347439 d [Authentication|ManagerInitiator.cpp:324] Method is not applicable: LDAP
 2020-11-20 11:16:58.347459 d [Authentication|ManagerInitiator.cpp:258] Method is applicable: SCRAMPBKDF2SHA256
 2020-11-20 11:16:58.347466 d [Authentication|ManagerInitiator.cpp:270] evaluate was successful for method: SCRAMPBKDF2SHA256

RStudio server is enforcing LDAP authentication as opposed Native authentication. BTW I am able to connect to HANA using the same ODBC connection via HANA sql client.
How do I enforce RStudio server to use the username/password mentioned at the command line:

> ch <- odbcConnect("SAP_HANA_ODBC","uid=db-user","pwd=secretpwd")


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