Unable to connect to a presto database via R in windows

I am trying to connect to a presto database via R using src_presto() in R

my_db <- src_presto(catalog = "hive", user = "XYZ",host = "172.XX.XX.XX", port = "8XXX");

when i am checking above connection i am getting following error:
Error in if (is_http) { : argument is of length zero

Can you please help me in resolving above error?


Take a look here: https://github.com/prestodb/RPresto/issues/113

Thanks pete, this was resolved with the help of my tech team!
The host and port combination i was using had self signed SSL certificate, after going through some posts, i even tried to skip SSL verification but still had challenge to connect! Finally, i changed the port which was of http type and then could finally connect to DB.

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