Unable to browse NAS shared folder

have written to code to browse folder options. I am able to browse folder contents while run the app from rstudio pro, but once my app is published in to rconnect, unable to browse folder contents. because app is published in rstudio-connect account which doesn't have access to NAS shared drive.

I think you need to see with your IT so that RStudio Connect can access the NAS. Either by giving access to rstudio-connect user or, maybe better, by creating a new account to access the folder (or using an existing one maybe) and configuring your app in RStudio connect to use this account. See https://docs.rstudio.com/connect/user/settings-panel.html#set-executor

You may need your admin to configure RStudio Connect

This configuration will allow to run your app using a specific user that will have the correct rights.

Otherwise, you may need to change the way you app or document access the data
Several options:

Hope it helps.

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