Unable to browse and access folder contents from NAS storage

Greetings Team,
Issue: Unable to browse, see the folder contents and select sourcing data from NAS storage file system.
Rstudio and Rstudio connect are hosted in Linux 7.x. We have provisioned NAS drive (multi-protocol) drive to users. While they ran the app within IDE, yes they are able to browse NAS storage file system and they can select the required files and contents. Once the application is published in rstudio-connect, they have opened the application from rstudio-connect and tried to browse the folders, they are unable to do for NAS storage file systems, it shows folder empty. which is mounted in application hosted Linux server. but they are able to browse folders and select the files from SAN drive. Business requirement is to access NAS storage filesystem contents.
Since application is published via rstudio-connect, we have added the user in to rstudio-connect account using the following commands: usermod –a –G rstudio-connect userid. but issue is not resolved.

Interesting! Sorry for the late reply here!

I'm not completely following exactly what is going on. Did you change the RunAs user for the content to the userid? In case it is helpful, this Shiny app may be helpful for debugging the permissions and items available to the RunAs user for the content:

That said, it is definitely not something you should expose to anyone more than an admin, as it allows arbitrary shell access as the RunAs user.

Does NAS require authentication via Kerberos or something of that nature? If so, there will definitely be other hurdles to jump through in order to set up a keytab or credential cache for accessing the NAS as the RunAs user for content.

I'm curious to hear what else you have tried, and whether any of these ideas are helpful! A bit more clarity and answers to the questions above would definitely help me understand what you are trying to do a bit better.