UI starts in a quarter of the window (1.2 daily)

When I launch RStudio 1.2.1065 in High Sierra (10.13.6) on a 13" MacBook Pro 2018 with the retina screen (2560x1600) and an external, non-retina monitor (1920x1080) connected, I get some interesting results when the window opens up on the secondary display:

When I drag the window from the secondary display where it opened to the primary, built-in display, the window is filled out and then I can drag the window back to the secondary display. Please let me know if there are any diagnostics you need me to do & upload.

Update: oops, looking at the hidpi-monitor tag has revealed that this is a known issue: IDE is tiny, only takes up lower left quadrant of window - #4 by kevinushey with a fix in the works: When RStudio is started on an external display, 3/4 of the window is black · Issue #3479 · rstudio/rstudio · GitHub

Indeed, we had to roll back an initial fix as it was adversely affecting other configurations.

One known workaround now is to force software rendering; e.g.


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