UI and Server instead of app.r

Re-visiting shiny app dev after a break and noticed that the new version of RStudio on Windows 10 creates app.r instead of ui.r and server.r like before when using New Project - New Directory - Shiny Web Application. Is there a way to default the behavior to the creation of the split files instead of the integrated app.r? Thanks in advance!

This currently isn't possible -- my understanding is that the Shiny team wants to steer users towards using app.R rather than the server.R / ui.R pair, so we made this change with that in mind.

That said, we could certainly consider providing an option to control what kind of project is created. You can also try using File -> New File -> Shiny Web App..., wherein you can choose the form of Shiny application created.


Thank you for the clarification, I appreciate it, It is probably a nice-to-have feature for some shops, but not super critical of course. Keep up the great work you folks have been doing! Thanks.

No problem! And I can definitely understand how frustrating it can be when tools change in a way that breaks a pre-existing workflow, so we definitely don't make these kinds of changes (even these small ones) light-heartedly.