Uglifycss and less with hugo theme

I am having difficulty getting the hugo-coder theme to render properly.

It looks like the css is getting caught up on something. I am guessing that since this theme requires uglifycss and less there must be some issue with R finding and using these libraries when the site is served with blogdown::serve_site().

Is it possible to fix this issue or would this theme be considered incompatible with blogdown?

Can you please post the error message that you are getting when you try to run blogdown::serve_site()?

I don't get an error. What happens is the site does not look right. I took a screenshot.

Does it work if you try to render it externally using the build-test instructions from the hugo-coder theme README?

To update or generate the minified CSS file:

make build

To build your site and test, run:

hugo server
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Yes, that does work. It does require uglifycss and less.

So, when you serve it locally using hugo serve it renders correctly?
If so, the easiest solution might just be to use that as your build process.