UFO Sightings In Illinois - Shiny Contest Submission

UFO Sightings In Illinois

Authors: Phoebe Thatcher

Abstract: Explore UFO sightings in the Land of Lincoln with this interactive leaflet map! Search descriptions for key words (like "wife", "blue", "Halloween", and "Tinley Park"), examine time frames, or view in heatmap mode to find alien-sighting hotspots.

Full Description: This interactive maps allows you to explore UFO sightings reported in Illinois between 1999 and 2014.

You can search for sightings that match keywords using the search function - I recommend "wife", various colors, "Tinley Park", and "Halloween" - search certain time frames, or switch to heatmap mode to find where observations are most dense. If you find interesting keywords, tweet me @phoebethatch!

Descriptions are shortened due to the impressive length of some of the descriptions on the NUFORC website from which the data is sourced!

Keywords: leaflet, map, regex, stringr, exploration, GIS, conspiracies, fun
Shiny app: https://phoebethatch.shinyapps.io/ufoapp/
Repo: GitHub - lilphoebe/ufo-il-map: an interactive map of ufo sightings in illinois
RStudio Cloud: Posit Cloud


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