Ubuntu 21.04 Issues?

I'm experimenting with running RStudio directly on Linux (I still rely on RStudio on Windows, or RStudio on WSL2+Windows).

I installed RStudio and R on Ubuntu 21.04, which is the latest release of that distribution, but isn't a LTS like 20.04.

When I look at, say, the Rstudio package manager site, everything is tied to LTS releases. So will it not work with 21.04? Here it explicitly cites a URL that is from the focal (20.04) release:

And, more broadly, what are the problems I'm likely to encounter when running a non-LTS release?

RStudio only supports LTS versions so you will face the complete lack of official support, including bug fixes. Also is very common in this situation to have incompatible versions of system dependencies which forces you into hacky downgrade solutions that are hard to implement and maintain.

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Though my evidence comes from having done what Boris describes up until 2020, I recall only two instances of this actually happening [version mismatch in system dependencies] over six years but I think it really depends on how fluid the support libraries are for your primary uses. I would disagree with the very common but ymmv.

Fair enough, I actually meant that it is very common to have people here asking for help with that kind of "version mismatch issues", most of the times they get some pointers on how to proceed but not detailed instructions and some times they only get "this version is not supported" as an answer. But I suppose you are right, these kind of issues must rarely happen to the same person.

Interesting. I like the new features in a more updated distribution, but those features are less relevant in my server setup, so I'm experimenting with LTS for the server and a more updated distribution for my local clients.

I do see that I don't have access to binary packages, but source ones work just fine and update on non-LTS R installations.

If RStudio Desktop is updated, will both LTS and non-LTS be automatically updated through 'apt' (I installed via the deb file)? Or only LTS?

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