Two-way communication between Rstudio and AnyLogic

I'm trying to connect Anylogic and Rstudio so that the latter will send experiment inputs to AnyLogic, which will run simulations and return outputs of interest back to R to be stored and analyzed - this is to characterize a response space.

I've previously used HeuristicLab to run optimization (Documentation/Howto/OptimizeAnyLogicModels – HeuristicLab) which has similar information two-way flow, but HL isn't suitable for the analysis needed and their communication method isn't obvious.

Some years ago, it seems there was a package for exporting to R (Our Anylogic to R Exporting Tool (presented by creator Winchell Qian) - YouTube) which isn't around anymore and also (I think) only does one-way transfer of results.

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