two.b.pls function in R studio: how to use it?


I have a question about the two.b.pls function in R.

In R, I have uploaded two datasets: (1) contains landmark coordinates of one bone, (2) contains landmark coordinates of a second bone.
For the first analyses, I performed a GPA - PCA - ANOVA - TukeyHSD, and I warped the meshes to visualize the morphological changes of the bones.

For a next step, I would like to check for correlations between the morphology of both bones.
I've tried using the two.b.pls function in R, but I get the following error:
"Error in two.b.pls(...): data matrices have different numbers of specimens"

This is correct, because both datasets don't contain the same specimens (e.g. for specimen A, I have the first bone but not the second and vice versa).
I did make groups within the datasets (mygroups <- as factor(...)), and both datasets contains the same groups (but not the same amount of specimens).

Is there a way to solve this problem? Or is there another way to look for 'links' between both datasets?

Thanks for the help!


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