two argument function in purrr:: modify


I create simple function with two argument:

piv_fun = function(s, var){
  s %>% filter(!(`Month from Start Date`==(-1)&SICR!='MPD')) %>%
    group_by(`Month from Start Date`, var) %>%
    summarise(perc = n()) %>%
    pivot_wider(names_from = `Month from Start Date`, values_from = perc) %>%
    rename("init" = `-1`) %>%
    modify_if( is.numeric, function(x) x / sum(x, na.rm = T))%>%
    modify_if( is.numeric, round,digits = 4)

this function takes two argument, data.frame and variable, and return some summarized data.frame.

I want two use this function in list of data.frames. I try to use modify function, but I don't know how to specify second argument in modify function.
Is there any solution?

You can use modify2(). It works with if in the example.

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