Two apps on Shiny Server: same code, but only one with conflicts

Hi there
today I came across a very strange behaviour, I unfortunately cannot provide a reprex for. But maybe someone has an idea, what might cause it.
We have one app running on the Shiny Server in two versions (develop, master). Today, out of the blue, there were UI errors in dateInputs and numericInputs in the master version only. It might be a conflict between Shiny and ShinyWidgets. I could solve that issue by explictitly referring to "shiny::". But I have no clue, why this only occured in the master version, not in the develop version, even after I made sure, the code in both is exactly the same!
On top of that: On the master version - until today - I used "semantic.dashboard", which also showed an UI error in the Sidebar out of nowhere (menuItem labels were gone), even though I had not touched the code for quite some time. So I decided to replace the master with the develop version, which uses "bs4dash". That's when above mentioned issues occured. Is there any way two same apps on the server handle dependencies differently? Thanks a lot for any help!

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