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Hi All,

I have created a shiny app which allows usere to input text string to input box on dashboard, code then connects to twitter API and compiles tweets relating to search string to a dataframe and then performs sentiment analysis using NRC method. Works fine in console, however when I upload to, I am getting the following log files telling me I need to get a license for NRC Word-Emotion Association Lexicon

2021-03-31T19:02:39.358298+00:00 shinyapps: Listening on
2021-03-31T19:02:44.794218+00:00 shinyapps: [1] "Using direct authentication"
2021-03-31T19:03:01.673153+00:00 shinyapps: Name: NRC Word-Emotion Association Lexicon
2021-03-31T19:03:01.673154+00:00 shinyapps: URL: Sentiment and Emotion Lexicons
2021-03-31T19:03:01.673151+00:00 shinyapps: Do you want to download:
2021-03-31T19:03:01.673155+00:00 shinyapps: License: License required for commercial use. Please contact Saif M. Mohammad (
2021-03-31T19:03:01.673173+00:00 shinyapps: Size: 22.8 MB (cleaned 424 KB)
2021-03-31T19:03:01.673173+00:00 shinyapps: Download mechanism: http
2021-03-31T19:03:01.673174+00:00 shinyapps[: Citation info:
2021-03-31T19:03:01.673176+00:00 shinyapps: This dataset was published in Saif M. Mohammad and Peter Turney. (2013), ``Crowdsourcing a Word-Emotion Association Lexicon.'' Computational Intelligence, 29(3): 436-465.
2021-03-31T19:03:01.673177+00:00 shinyapps:
2021-03-31T19:03:01.673177+00:00 shinyapps: article{mohammad13,
2021-03-31T19:03:01.673177+00:00 shinyapps: author = {Mohammad, Saif M. and Turney, Peter D.},
2021-03-31T19:03:01.673178+00:00 shinyapps: title = {Crowdsourcing a Word-Emotion Association Lexicon},
2021-03-31T19:03:01.673178+00:00 shinyapps: journal = {Computational Intelligence},
2021-03-31T19:03:01.673178+00:00 shinyapps: volume = {29},
2021-03-31T19:03:01.673179+00:00 shinyapps: pages = {436-465},
2021-03-31T19:03:01.673180+00:00 shinyapps: url = {},
2021-03-31T19:03:01.673181+00:00 shinyapps: }
2021-03-31T19:03:01.673174+00:00 shinyapps:
2021-03-31T19:03:01.673180+00:00 shinyapps: year = {2013}
2021-03-31T19:03:01.673179+00:00 shinyapps: doi = {10.1111/j.1467-8640.2012.00460.x},
2021-03-31T19:03:01.690031+00:00 shinyapps: 209: load_dataset
2021-03-31T19:03:01.681483+00:00 shinyapps: Warning: Error in menu: menu() cannot be used non-interactively

I noticed this, do you use menu()?
Have you checked the log for every mention of the word error?

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