Twitter rtweet file error


twitter_tokens <- c(
create_token(app = "Twitter_Amerant",
consumer_key = "mykey",
consumer_secret = "key secret",
access_token = "token",
access_secret = "toekn secret" ))

copy/paste output


rt <- search_tweets("#bank", n = 100, include_rts = FALSE,
token = twitter_tokens )

and I am getting this error:

"Error in file(file, mode) : cannot open the connection
In addition: Warning message:
In file(file, mode) :
cannot open file '/home/froche@msctree1.rds': Permission denied"

I look into the home directory for the hidden file and there is no such file as "froche@msctree1.rd"

I have clean the environment re-install rtweet package ad the problem persists

I kind of solve it by
"set_renv = FALSE"
in the function create_token

Now I am getting this error

"Error: API did not return json"

I would recommend to use twitter_tokens <- create_token(....). What code did you run to get that error?

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