Tutorial fails to compile on Windows OS

I'm working with the following packages that provide data and a set of tutorials.


There seems to be an issue when compiling these tutorials - specifically the "Tools" tutorial such that the following error occurs for a handful of people on Windows machines but seems to run smoothly on the Mac OS.

Quitting from lines 74-79 (tutorial.Rmd)
Error in readPNG(file) :
unable to open C:/Users/chris/Documents/R/win-library/4.0/primer.tutorials/imagespwd.png
Calls: sourceWithProgress ... withCallingHandlers -> withVisible -> eval -> eval -> readPNG
Execution halted

I have tried to update the png package as well as any others tangent to it. I have also checked that I have the most recent R/RStudio software. I originally thought that this would be an Rtools issue, but installing that did not render any different results.

Any and all advice appreciated!

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