Turn off Rstudio menu shortcuts? "Modify Keyboard shortcuts" didn't work

Hello everyone,

I would like to you use the shortcuts Alt+F, Alt+E and Alt+D for something. However, they still seem to be assigned to opening (respectively) the File Menu, Edit Menu and Debug Menu from the top bar. I already removed the keyboard shortcuts called "View File Menu" and so on. But this didn't change anything. Does anyone have an idea to help me? Thank you!

Hi @lsdkfjla, this guide you for edit the shortcuts:


Yes, thats how I tried to turn off the mentioned shortcuts and use Alt+F for "Delete". But although there are no conflicts shown as soon as I press Alt+F for example, the File Menu opens up and not "Delete"? Thanks for a reply. My problem seems to be similar to the one described in this comment for example: Emacs key binding - #4 by Sophia

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