tune_grid error in 'check_installs()'

I just installed R 4.3.0 with the latest tidymodels (tune 1.1.1, workflows 1.1.3, finetune 1.1.0) and tried to run the code below shown in the tidyverse blog ( Tuning hyperparameters with tidymodels is a delight (tidyverse.org))

knn_model_spec <- nearest_neighbor("regression", neighbors = tune())
tuning_res <- tune_grid(
mpg ~ .,
bootstraps(mtcars, 5),
control = control_grid(save_workflow = TRUE)

However, I got an error as follows:
Error in check_installs(): ! Some package installs are required: • 'kknn', 'kknn' Backtrace: 1. tune::tune_grid(...) 2. tune:::tune_grid.model_spec(...) 4. tune:::tune_grid.workflow(...) 5. tune:::tune_grid_workflow(...) 6. tune::check_workflow(workflow, pset = pset) 7. tune:::check_installs(hardhat::extract_spec_parsnip(x))
Error in check_installs(hardhat::extract_spec_parsnip(x)) :

When I switched to R4.2.3, it ran successfully. Any ideas about why it has the error when run under R4.3.0?
Thanks much!

In the error message, I see:

! Some package installs are required: • 'kknn'

Could you install the kknn package with install.packages("kknn"), restart your R session, and try running your code again?

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