Tukey-HSD results

I have done Anova followed by TukeyHSD on the feeding height preferences for 30 bird species. I am basically interested in plotting the TukeyHSD results for one species "GBE" e.g. GBE - BBS, JP -GBE, etc.
Instead of this:
diff lwr upr p adj
BRW-BBS -0.4985000000 -1.925132189 0.92813219 0.9997903
CB-BBS -1.0390000000 -2.348167482 0.27016748 0.3562100
CI-BBS -0.1090000000 -1.856260457 1.63826046 1.0000000
GBE-BBS -0.9554285714 -2.312426460 0.40156932 0.6038640

How do I get only results associated with the species GBE? e.g.,

diff lwr upr p adj
PP-GBE 0.4112234432 -0.501191672 1.32363856 0.9925084
PRS-GBE 0.8463003663 -0.066114749 1.75871548 0.1110581
PS-GBE 0.7354910714 -0.217717655 1.68869980 0.4136307
GBE-RVB 0.9457142857 0.047020480 1.84440809 0.0263382

I would appreciate any help.

Hello @adeshwal ,

it would help (me) if you showed the code you used.
Even more helpful would be if you provided the code with some (made-up) data to show what you are doing.
For a way to do this see e.g. faq-whats-a-reproducible-example-reprex-and-how-do-i-do-one

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