Tufte book output with ConText

I have been trying the tufte handbook style on RStudio using the skeleton.Rmd script. It works ok excepting the [@R-base] side citation that sets cursive for the rest of document probably because of bad format in reference. Other than that, it works nicely.
I would like to know if the Tufte format is necessarily linked to Latex and xelatex engine, or the ConText engine can manage it and I could use ConText engine to generate Tufte formatted document with plain Tex output. I'm using Quarto and context engine in Rstudio to write a technical book and that option would be so nice. Thanks for help!

tufte format for PDF in the R package are based on CTAN tufte-latex package CTAN: Package tufte-latex

I don't think this will work with ConTeXT.

Is there a Tufte equivalent with ConTeXT or can you use such package already ?

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