Trying to scrape data out of <div> elements with specific class name

Hello everybody,

I am trying to scrape data from the following sports statistics page: (Season 22/23)

The table I want to scrape is the "Standings" table using the rvest package. I have come so far that I know that I can read out the contained HTML text based on certain class names. Now I would like to do exactly that on an example site about the french "Ligue 1" on The <div> class name of the html elements I want to scrape is "sc-hLBbgP sc-eDvSVe gjJmZQ fRddxb sc-526d246a-0 evdGB" (as you can see in the screenshot) and I have tried to specify it in the html_elements() function but it just won't work properly.

My current code:


URL <- ""
HTML <- read_html(URL)

HTML %>%
html_elements("div") %>%
html_elements(".sc-hLBbgP sc-eDvSVe gjJmZQ fRddxb sc-526d246a-0 evdGB")

The result:
{xml_nodeset (0)}

Until the <div> part of the code the HTML code can still be read out but as soon as the class name is entered it ends up in an empty vector. What am I doing wrong that the html_elements() function won't get it hands on the text information in this <div> node?

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