Trying to Scrape a list of papers from google scholar into a .csv

I am attempting to scrape the results from google scholar but I'm running into some issues.

  1. It only does the first 10 results and then I'm not sure how to go to the next page without copying and pasting each url for each page
  2. I was able to get the elements i need from the webpage, but I am tying to make a table/dataframe with 3 columns and as many rows as are results.

This is the code I have so far:

page <- read_html(",6")
#TOTAL NUMBER results of search
results <- page %>% html_nodes (".gs_ab_mdw") %>% html_text()
#Name, authors, description
name_ref_descr<- page %>% html_nodes (".gs_rt,.gs_a,.gs_rs") %>% html_text()
#create a table with 3 columns
mite_google_db <- data.frame(matrix(ncol=3, nrow = 20))
#write to .csv

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